Builders can tap ICF training

| by David Morris
Builders can tap ICF training

For builders who perhaps started out a framer on a crew in high school, switching to a new way of building can be scary. The insulated concrete form industry understands that change feels risky for your business.

Fortunately, there is plenty of free or low-cost training available for architects and contractors to learn how to design and build ICF structures.

One place to start is the EPS Industry Alliance, which has a list of educational opportunities here.

Also, builder trade shows often host training for ICFs from manufacturers. And, manufacturers offer training at various locations. When possible, those classes may include a visit to a job site so you can experience ICF building first hand.

Fox Blocks hosts introductory and training sessions across the country, including trade shows and at Menards stores among other locations. See a list of upcoming events here.

Fox Blocks has developed a four-level contractor training program that takes participants from a Primary Installer through an Elite Premier Installer. Our training sessions are tailored to the region and focus on contractors, building officials, engineers/architects and building supply yards. Each level earns a wallet card that tracks your experiences on successfully completed ICF projects.

Experienced builders can make the transition smoothly. Research has found that crews become comfortable with ICF construction by the third or fourth home. Once the initial training period is finished, crews can build ICF walls as fast and efficiently as wood frame construction.

Take a look at the training options and get started on your path to becoming an ICF builder.

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David Morris
A Detroit native, David T. Morris, LEED® Green Associate, used his drive for entrepreneurship, innovation & new product development to develop a patented product and later took a new building product to market. In 2012, he became U.S. East Regional Manager with Fox Blocks, a division of Airlite Plastics Company, managing ICF sales in seven states. Since 2006, David has delivered more than 140 IFA/ICF training seminars to contractors, plus another 120 presentations to architects and engineers. He is a featured speaker and SME on High-Performance Buildings, and his efforts have resulted in environmentally friendly construction being specified for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings throughout the country.

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