Building a home? Try these two resources

| by Dave Sweet
Building a home? Try these two resources

When I started building eco-friendly homes back in the ’80s professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike relied on the library, others in their area, and magazines to learn about the newest trends and practices.

Today the internet is the most obvious place to talk to others, learn what’s trending and why, and really focus on different topics. Look for state and federal information as well as associations and manufacturers. We recently visited Energize Connecticut, and found everything from contractors to renewable energy. You might also look at who’s exhibiting at industry events and go to their sites.

The other resource is your often-misunderstood building inspector. You might think he or she is just there at the end to check for compliance, but you’d be missing out! It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the codes early, and set up a time to discuss your plan with the inspector, if only to be sure your plan will fit on the lot after allowing for setbacks!

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