Case Study: “I’m Not Spending Money to Heat Water I’m Not Using”

| by Joe Holliday
Case Study: “I’m Not Spending Money to Heat Water I’m Not Using”

When Nick Conte opted to upgrade his 1,000-square-foot whole home-heating and water-heating system, he was looking for ultimate comfort.

The three-story residence, located in Dedham, Mass., was previously heated by a Hydro Therm boiler — 125,000 Btu input and 102,000 Btu output—and a 40-gallon traditional storage tank with an Energy Factor (EF) of. 59 supplied hot water.

Nick replaced the previous system with a condensing combi gas boiler, which provides both hot water and whole-home heating. Earning an AFUE rating of 95.5, the highest in the industry, the boiler’s Btu input ranges from 26,000 to 110,000. To accurately compare costs, gas usage was recorded for an entire heating season post install, including months with no heating degree days.

The usage data for the condensing combi gas boiler was compared to the previous year's gas bills for both the standard boiler and the traditional tank-style water heater. The combi boiler saved approximately 26 percent—or 514 therms—compared to the previous system.

"I know I’m not spending money to heat water I’m not using," said Conte. "Better still, with such high efficiency, I can see the savings on my energy bills."

For domestic hot water use during a one-month comparison, the boiler proved to be approximately 37 percent more efficient than the traditional tank-style water heater previously installed in the home.

For Conte, it was also important to reduce the family's impact on the environment. Projected for the first 12 months, the boiler prevented more than 2,900 pounds of CO2.

“Now I know I’m doing my part in keeping green,” added Conte.

For more information about the condensing combi gas boiler Conte selected, click here.

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