Case study: New England homeowner sees green after combi boiler installation

| by Joe Holliday
Case study: New England homeowner sees green after combi boiler installation

A product can promise the world, but does it deliver? In this case, yes.

Besides comfort, utility costs may be one of the top concerns for homeowners, and one of the most important factors when selecting home appliances. So, in theory, a product may sound like the ideal solution, but the proof is in the savings.

When Anne Grossi, Bedford, New Hampshire, looked to replace her standard boiler/indirect tank system, she wanted an energy efficient option that would pay her in savings. After researching her options, Anne selected a condensing boiler, which offered an two-in-one home- and water-heating solution for her 1,400-square-foot townhome. 

Why Condensing Technology?

Condensing technology increases the efficiency of a boiler, as a condensing boiler extracts additional heat from the exhaust before it leaves the unit. This technology ensures a homeowner gets the most bang for their buck when it comes to the heat produced by the unit, and it helps reduce monthly utility bills.

To appropriately compare gas usage of old heating system versus the new heating system, the number of heating degree days was determined for both years and adjusted to ensure an accurate comparison. Using this method, it was projected that the standard boiler/indirect tank system used 391 therms, while the new condensing boiler would have used 317.75—a decrease of 19 percent of gas usage.

“I was pleasantly surprised at how much my gas bill decreased during the winter months as compared to the previous year and my old system,” said Grossi.

A tertiary, but important benefit the homeowner enjoyed was the endless hot water delivered by the condensing boiler. And certainly last but not least, Anne appreciated the positive environmental impact that comes with the new condensing boiler—the prevention of 1,018 pounds of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

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