Ceilings always suck heat

| by Duo Dickinson
Ceilings always suck heat

You can have a minimal smattering of small windows, you can have an airlock for every outdoor entry, and you can have the most efficient HVAC heating plant made, but if your ceilings are not insulated, you are bringing the world's temperature into your home — whether it's too hot or too cold.

This is a continuing series by author and architect Duo Dickinson. Read his original blog about Swamp Yankee Green.

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Duo Dickinson
Duo Dickinson has been an architect for over 30 years and received over 30 awards. His work has been published in over 70 national publications. Mr. Dickinson’s latest book is Staying Put. He is the architecture critic for the New Haven Register, and writes for Design Bureau, A.B., New Haven Magazine, and his own blog, Saved By Design. He has taught at Yale, Roger Williams and Harvard GSD Summer Program. www

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