Cleaning out the toilet bowl to improve flush

| by Will Wang
Cleaning out the toilet bowl to improve flush

Cleaning your toilet can improve the flush, meaning less water is used to clear the bowl. Follow these steps to properly clean your toilet:

  • Use a screw driver or a wire coat hanger, to ream out the rim holes and starter hole of the bowl of calcium and mineral build up

Clean toilet bowl rim holes

  • Turn off water supply
  • Drain the tank and tie flapper open
  • Pour one cup of Lime-Away Toilet Bowl Cleanerdown the flush valve opening. Let it sit for at least one hour
  • After an hour, pour another cup of 1/2 Lime-Away and 1/2 water, mixed, down the flush valve opening. Flush toilet 2 or 3 times to rinse and check

This condition should clear up, if not, you may need to do the above steps again.

About Fluidmaster: Fluidmaster provides many solutions to everyday toilet problems, helping you to maintain your toilet and plumbing systems. With water conservation becoming an increasingly important issue for the majority of Americans, making water–conscious decisions is more prevalent than ever. Visit the Fluidmaster website for more information.

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