Coastal Builders Looking for Resilient Homes

| by David Morris
Coastal Builders Looking for Resilient Homes

Home buyers in coastal areas are discovering the benefits of ICF construction on their own and want to work with contractors who can help them build their dream home.

Americans in places like Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, New Jersey, as well as inland state prone to tornadoes, want to be prepared for the next time a major storm strikes. That's why smart builders and buyers in hurricane- and tornado-prone areas are increasingly turning to concrete structural walls to stand up to fierce storms that would otherwise level a wood-frame home. 

Insulated concrete forms (ICFs) are double insulated reinforced concrete walls (EPS) foam insulation forms. The foam blocks are stacked as interlocking blocks, connected with steel rebar. ICFs offer well-insulated, airtight, quiet, energy-efficient building enclosures, replacing traditional wood-frame construction.

These proven high tech concrete forms make building easier and faster, and are available in all form types and sizes to accommodate all types of building and design requirements. Each form is stacked, steel reinforced and filled with concrete to complete the building envelope of a home in one building step.

Tests have shown that ICF walls can withstand flying debris from tornadoes and hurricanes with wind speeds of up to 250 mph. And the Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends ICF construction for building tornado-resistant safe rooms.

ICFs are often the wall system of choice for a home seeking certification through FORTIFIED Home , created by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS). The FORTIFIED Home national resiliency standard aims to mitigate disaster-related risk through the use of innovative construction techniques. The program has been picking up speed in states that are prone to tornados, hurricanes, and other weather events.

Builders can create more resilient and insurable homes by following these voluntary building guidelines created to help engineer storm-resistant homes.

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David Morris
A Detroit native, David T. Morris, LEED® Green Associate, used his drive for entrepreneurship, innovation & new product development to develop a patented product and later took a new building product to market. In 2012, he became U.S. East Regional Manager with Fox Blocks, a division of Airlite Plastics Company, managing ICF sales in seven states. Since 2006, David has delivered more than 140 IFA/ICF training seminars to contractors, plus another 120 presentations to architects and engineers. He is a featured speaker and SME on High-Performance Buildings, and his efforts have resulted in environmentally friendly construction being specified for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings throughout the country.

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