Collaboration, Planning, and Professionals

| by Dave Sweet
Collaboration, Planning, and Professionals

Building an eco-friendly home isn’t something that a lot of people have experience with, so I often ask others how they’ve come up with just the right way to accomplish something.

Thinking back, when our foundation was being poured I was already talking to people about how I could save energy and money using new framing techniques and materials. One of the people I count on is Bill Zdon of Zdon Builders. Bill has years of experience creating the kinds of outcomes we want for our home.

I knew framing techniques would make a big difference in the efficiency of our home’s building envelope. Bill was happy to show me how he drove down energy costs while renovating a client’s seaside cottage. It was a real pleasure to compare notes on different insulation and building techniques we had each learned about from others.

I’m a real do-it-yourselfer. I’ve worked on planning, logistics and more…. but I also installed windows and tackled much of the building envelope construction myself. I’m fortunate to have learned from Bill and many others while developing my hands-on skills. I find that taking a real interest and being open to new things makes it much easier to work with licensed professionals. They know I’m not just looking for the lowest bottom line, but trust them to help me see the bigger picture.

That said, digging foundations is just one of the things I realize I’m not equipped to do! What about you? A big part of successful planning is knowing what you’ll need outside help with.

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