Comfort is Coming Along with Window and Electrical Selections

| by Dave Sweet
Comfort is Coming Along with Window and Electrical Selections

Even though we’re nowhere near finished building our eco-friendly home, at least we can say we’re weather tight! Framing and insulation went well, windows are in, and electrical work has been planned out.

I’ve lived in many older homes, and I’m just amazed at how far electrical systems have come… and how complex they can be. Today’s electricians have to be multi-talented, and have to stay up on progress and changes in other systems as well. I’ve been putting my own engineering expertise to work on the overall plan, like knowing exactly where I’ll have to drill holes and how much wire of what kinds I’ll need.

Like everything else so far, it’s all about managing the project and avoiding surprises including safety issues. On that score I’m grateful to Jason Zelek of Connected Systems for lending his expertise in hardwired and wireless electrical systems. He helped me with how and where to install the lighting I wanted in small spaces where they might have been too close to insulation.

Window selection was a big effort, especially since I knew we’d be using different styles that would have to look good together, so I went back to Point One Architects for some guidance through the process. We ended up choosing a mix of casement and fixed windows downstairs, and more traditional double-hung units upstairs with a couple of awning windows in more private areas. They’re going to look great together while maintaining the integrity of the building envelope and providing ventilation where needed.

I wanted to have the windows and casements installed after most of the framing, house wrap and flashing systems were complete. Our insulation is two layers of ridged, paper-faced polyisocyanurate for a total of four inches thickness, so I turned my garage into a sawmill to cut extension jambs made out of PVC lumber. Between my own expertise, Point One’s advice and Jason Zelek’s expertise I think we’re making tremendous progress on our eco-friendly (and comfortable) new home!

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