Comfort with insulating concrete forms

| by Troy Gibson
Comfort with insulating concrete forms

If you’re one of the many who live in the Midwest, Northeast or any other region that has a strong difference between the seasons, then you know full well how crazy the weather can be in late winter/early spring. You can end up with stretches of cold snowy weather followed by stretches of weather pleasant enough to let you walk around outdoors without a jacket. With such rapid changes, you don’t want people frustrated because they’re constantly toying with thermostats to keep the place comfortable regardless of what the heck the temperature is outside. That’s why your walls are so incredibly important.

The first line of defense against volatile weather (or any weather for that matter) is the building envelope. While a trusty roof is a key piece of the puzzle, a properly weatherized wall system can greatly increase a structure’s efficiency – just like one that isn’t done very well can really hurt efficiency. A properly weatherized wall can save as much as 20 percent on heating and cooling costs, at least residentially, which is why the U.S. government recommends homeowners insulate and air seal their walls.

ICFs as the Complete Solution

The great thing about insulated concrete forms (ICFs) is that they offer a complete solution to anyone looking for a sustainable wall system that helps owners save on energy bills while providing occupants with exceptional comfort–all in one system. And it starts with the R-value.

R-value benefits of Fox Blocks ICFs are obvious. Each foam panel is 2.63″ of 1.5 pcf density EPS foam, and when tested as a wall assembly with concrete and drywall on one side, you have a static R-value of R-23. R-23 is already beyond what most codes require for walls, and getting to R-32 or beyond with Fox Blocks ICFs isn’t a problem. It’s an ideal solution for builders and designers looking to meet the stringent standards of rating systems such as LEED or Passive House standard or to create a Net Zero Energy (NZE) home.

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Troy Gibson
Troy Gibson has over 8 years of creative and strategic marketing management experience, ranging from sports marketing to retail marketing. He has been a part of the ICF industry for 6 years and is an USGBC LEED Green Associate. He focuses his efforts on communicating the benefits of a premium building envelope. Troy has a B.S. of Marketing from Northwest Missouri State and has a wife and child to occupy his free time.

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