Consider This During Your Bathroom Remodel

| by Jens Bolleyer
Consider This During Your Bathroom Remodel

Besides the kitchen, a bathroom remodel is among the more costly improvements to a house.  It involves expensive items such as walk-in shower enclosures, vanities, faucets, tile, mirrors, tubs and toilets.  You want it comfortable, and hot water is among the most appreciated comforts of a bathroom.

And if teenagers are among your household you know all-to-well there is never enough hot water when you most want it.  There is one additional item to consider for the remodeling project, costing less than many vanities (actually, you can easily add this without any remodeling).  It is an electric point-of-use (POU) tankless hot water heater.  There are many model to choose from, depending upon your family size.  It will “boost” your current hot water coming from the tank heater, providing endless hot water to soothe away the stress of your day.     

For more information on the various models of tankless hot water heaters visit EcoSmart's website.

EcoSmart US® is a privately owned, Miami, Florida-based manufacturer of green energy technology with a mission to produce and distribute quality green products that are practically efficient and economical to consumers.

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Jens Bolleyer

Jens Bolleyer is Vice President of Marketing and Retail Sales at EcoSmart Green Energy Products Inc. Throughout his career, he has been involved in products and services that are aimed at energy or water efficiency. At GE, Jens focused on the Smart Home initiative, developing home automation products, enabling remote control of lighting, and appliances, including heating and cooling to optimize and minimize energy consumption. In his roles at Kohler Company and Elkay manufacturing, he got involved with the promotion of WaterSense® products for the residential and commercial building and remodeling markets. Now at EcoSmart, Jens helps homeowners find ways to save energy, save water and save space with electric tankless water heating products.

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