Control your mini-split heat pump with your smart phone

| by Christian Gilbert
Control your mini-split heat pump with your smart phone

For many years, online controls have been available for many heating and cooling systems. Unfortunately, minisplit heat pump owners haven’t had this option. In response to the popularity of these energy-efficient combined cooling and heating devices, PowerWise now offers smart phone and web controls for minisplit heat pumps.

Minisplit users now have online temperature controls when used in conjunction with an energy management dashboard. Up to 8 heating and cooling programming periods are available. Commercial customers can apply thermostat templates to multiple locations.

PowerWise Systems Temperature Controls

An energy monitoring solution combined with thermostat controls makes perfect sense. People can measure the savings from a minisplit solution that replaces a fossil fuel heating system. The energy management dashboard shows the costs and electricity use for the minisplit heat pump.

“We expanded support of HVAC controls because of the popularity of these systems”, says Carsten Steenberg, CEO of PowerWise. “People can not only control temperature with their smartphones, they can also see the costs and full impact, especially when combined with our room sensors.”

PowerWise air quality sensors monitors the CO2, VOC, temperature, and humidity within the building. These sensors are an extension of the energy management system, available from PowerWise.

iPhone and Android apps are available for controlling the minisplit heat pumps, and remotely monitoring their energy use.

PowerWise supports controls for Mitsubishi (including Mr Slim), Fujitsu, Daikin, Panasonic, LG, and Samsung minisplit heat pumps.

About PowerWise
PowerWise is a leading provider of building monitoring and control solutions. PowerWise helps businesses and homeowners evaluate performance and use of buildings and the individual systems, including hot water, circuitlevel electricity, heating/cooling, and environmental conditions, and take active control of systems such as lighting and HVAC. PowerWise technology has been used to monitor the performance of nearly 200 heat pumps. For more information, visit or call 2073706517.

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