Creating the Perfectly Heated Home Gym

| by Monica Irgens
Creating the Perfectly Heated Home Gym

For those who enjoy regular exercise and workouts a home gym is something to be desired. Its open 24/7. No drive time. No restrictions. No sharing or wait time for a piece of equipment. If you decide to create your own home gym there are a few essentials whether you are in to it weight loss, cardio fitness or strength training.

Standard equipment usually includes a barbell and plate set, bench, rack, kettlebells, dumbbells and treadmill. Tailor your environment to your personality so that as you walk into the gym you feel stimulated to hard work.

Flooring is a very important aspect of gym planning. It is needed to protect your property and minimize noise. Commercial grade foam or rubber flooring comes in rolls or interlocking squares. If your gym is in the basement an underfloor heating system will eliminate the cold.  

STEP Warmfloor® is a durable, thin low-voltage heating element that goes directly under floorcoverings. It is self-regulating, cannot overheat and is very energy-efficient. You get an even heat temperature over the whole floor.  A thermal barrier between the slab and the element adds efficiency by pushing the heat where you want it. Also STEP Warmfloor® will provide you a healthy environment as it does not blow allergens as forced air systems do.

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Monica Irgens

Monica is President of Electro Plastics, Inc., manufacturer of STEP Warmfloor® heating systems: a patented, low-voltage, self-regulating flat and thin heater. Monica has been in the radiant heating industry for over 20 years. She was member of the Radiant Panel Association for 15 years, served on the RPA Board of Directors as chairperson of the Electric Committee and the Green Committee. Monica is also a member of the USGBC and has been involved in the design of LEED registered buildings.

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