Creative ideas for decorating bathrooms

| by Touseef Hussain
Creative ideas for decorating bathrooms

If you are looking for something a bit different in your bathroom then try working with what you would otherwise be throwing away. It is amazing what you can do with reused or repurposed material.

Some of the things we throw away are intrinsically beautiful; not the plastic bottles and cardboard boxes, but glass has a beauty all its own.

Tumbled Glass

Tumbled Glass

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Glass chips from recycled glass make very attractive bathroom additions, whether you have them sitting in a bowl, embed them in cement as wall décor or create mosaic artwork with them with backlighting.

Wine Bottles

Repurposed Wine Bottles

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The deep green, brown and blues of wine bottles make them perfect for decorating a bathroom. 

There are the obvious ideas like using them as candle holders and the less obvious ones like building a whole wall from wine bottles.

You can either use the whole bottle as above or just the base of the bottle embedded in cement. One tip to make cleaning easier though: Use a sheet of glass to cover the ends of the bottles to make dusting manageable.

You can exercise your creativity by creating a light picture using wine bottles of different colours and shades. Use pale and dark green, brown, blue and clear glass bottles to create your image within a wooden or glass frame. Put lighting behind your artwork for an absolutely stunning effect.

You can even make a lampshade from wine bottles; place the bottles neck down into drilled holes in a plywood ring. Make sure the bottle bodies are touching or overlapping slightly; this is easier if you stagger the holes slightly. String cord through small holes in the plywood collar and attach securely to the ceiling, not the light fitting because the bottles will be too heavy.


Repurposed Pallets

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Wooden pallets are available for the asking and give you an endless source of interesting timber that you can use to make cupboards, shelves and plant stands.

A bit of sanding and a coat of stain or varnish is all you need to transform pallet timber into something really special and that will be unique to your bathroom, rather than something that Ikea sells thousands of.

Picture frames look great made from pallet timber and cost you nothing. The wood makes great looking, natural plant stands for your bathroom plants.


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Touseef Hussain
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