Curb appeal in an emerging market

| by Shelley Ross
Curb appeal in an emerging market

As the housing market continues to make strides forward in the recovery, builders and buyers alike are taking a fresh look at home design and the products creating the most desirable abodes for purchase and living.

With the economic pressures of the downturn now dramatically lessened, builders are less stymied in their ability to incorporate sought after and aesthetically pleasing building materials and, likewise, buyers are better able to afford these enticing ingredients that make a home more attractive. 

Brick is a classic example of one such building material. Builders and buyers alike are eyeing it because of the curb appeal it brings to any home. A tried and true structural material whose use goes back many generations, brick is durable and long lasting with many benefits. 

Clay bricks perform superbly and are also eco-friendly. Surrounding a home with nearly three inches of ceramic material of the rough density and consistency of stone, brick allows almost no air infiltration and provides excellent insulation from exterior temperature changes. These qualities equate to energy efficiency via a reduced need for heating and air conditioning, leading to utility cost savings up to 8 percent. 

Bricks are also a low maintenance material lasting more than two lifetimes – today’s true definer of sustainability. However, the performance of brick is not the only reason it is widely sought by builders and buyers. 

Brick evokes a desired aesthetic which works well in traditional rustic homes and in contemporary modern abodes, as well as in everything in between. Now available in an exceptionally wide selection of colors and textures, it is no wonder that it complements a multitude of architectural styles, satisfying the aesthetic needs of so many buyers.

At the Proud Green Home at Serenbe, for example, the builder wanted the home to stand out while still fitting within the architecture of the neighborhood. Boral Bricks’ Commercial Brick in Cannon was selected as the primary exterior cladding material because of its contemporary style that is in sync with the rest of Serenbe, a beautiful, warm, eco-designed community with buildings made of the highest quality materials. The clean look of architectural brick will be installed on the Proud Green Home in a uniformed stacked bond that will provide instant curb appeal. 

With curb appeal and lasting durability both high on the list of today’s homebuyer demands - just as they’ve been with many previous generations of buyers worldwide - it is no wonder that brick is in such high demand. It truly performs.

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