Custom design services by Lindal Cedar Homes

| by Dan Wise
Custom design services by Lindal Cedar Homes

A home is often the biggest decisions in one’s lifetime. It is important to have the home reflect your lifestyle, while fulfilling your dreams. Lindal Cedar Homes has been taking the design ideas of homeowners and complementing them with their creative, efficient design for nearly 70 years. They are, in fact, the world’s largest post and beam cedar home builder with over 50,000 homes built worldwide.

Lindal has three design options to assist homeowners create their unique home:  

The Dwell Homes Collection - Introduced in 2009, it has become the most successful product offered by Lindal.  It provides clients the opportunity to work with independent architects throughout the building process including the house siting, organizational concept, and architectural design by Turkel Design.  Over 100 local professionals are included in this team, experienced in fresh, modern design.

Turkel Design Lindals for the Dwell Homes Collection

The Lindal Architects Collaborative – Renowned North American architects, in collaboration with Lindal's design professionals, have created the most varied and extensive selection of warm, modern designs available.  Each design is ready to be personalized for environmentally responsive siting and to celebrate the homeowners' lifestyles. The Lindal Architects Collaborative planning process, as resource-efficient as the designs, ensures predictability and peace of mind.

The Classic Lindal – Graced with soaring volumes, open spaces and expansive glass in the strength of massive post and beam cedar frame, the Classic Lindal can be modified to fit the homeowner’s dreams, siting and environment.

A free, digital online home plan library including a wide range of plans and photography of Lindal homes is available at

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Dan Wise
Dan started in the construction industry thirty-five years ago and from the beginning was involved in sustainable construction. Upon forming his own company, he used his experience and education in studying engineering at Penn State to provide sustainable energy efficient construction to his clients. Wise Construction is a Certified Green Builder and Remodeler by the Home Innovations Research Labs and is committed to high performance sustainable construction as a standard. Dan is a NAHB Certified Green Professional and was named the NAHB Green Builder Advocate of the Year in 2013. He currently chairs the Green Codes and Standards sub-committee for the NAHB. www

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