Customers happy about conserving water

| by Larry Acker
Customers happy about conserving water

Larry Acker is in the business of making people smile. That wasn’t his original intent with his ACT D’MAND Kontrols systems, but it has become a standard response to his product that produces hot water on demand.

Just a few years ago, a builder in North Carolina told Acker he was building sustainable homes and was concentrating on implementing things the homeowner could actually see. Acker suggested an ACT D’MAND Kontrols pump, of course, and the builder installed it in a model home, albeit with some hesitation. Later, at a National Association of Home Builders trade show, the builder told Acker that out of all the sustainable features he put into the model home, the one item people focused on was the ACT D’MAND pump. It blew them away, and it was the most talked about feature of them all.

The ACT D’MAND Kontrols system is an electronically controlled re-circulatory pump distributing hot water on demand. It can be installed in new construction and in existing residential homes and commercial buildings. The product allows any type of plumbing to circulate hot water to the remote fixture by using both the hot and cold water piping, without letting any hot water enter the cold water side. 

It is so cost-effective, in terms of energy savings and water savings, that many Habitat for Humanity homes include the ACT D’MAND Kontrols system. The Habitat organization based in Charlotte, N.C., uses ACT D’MAND pumps in every home they build. One new Habitat homeowner was asked what he liked most about his new home, and his first reaction was having a roof over his head. As for key features inside the home, the proud homeowner said, “I love the fact that all I need to do is hit a button in the kitchen or bathroom and we have hot water.”

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ACT D’MAND Kontrols® and Structured Plumbing® are registered marks of Advanced Conservation Technology Distribution, Inc., a family business based in Costa Mesa, Calif. ACT D’MAND Kontrols Systems are made in America and sold through wholesale plumbing supply houses and national representative groups. The company has distribution throughout the U.S. and six other countries. For more information, visit

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Larry Acker
Larry Acker is the CEO of ACT, Inc. D'MAND Kontrol Systems®. Involved with energy, water and energy conservation for 45 years, Larry is considered a leading authority regarding residential water and energy efficiency. Larry has been a featured speaker at major conferences throughout the world supporting ASHRAE, IAMPO, AWWA, ACEEE, PHCC and SB-08. Larry has written featured articles for National Trade Magazines and was the Chairman of the Pacific Coast Builders Conference in 2001. www

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