Cutting Edge Technologies to Consider for Home Efficiency

| by Jens Bolleyer
Cutting Edge Technologies to Consider for Home Efficiency

Looking not-so-far-back a couple of generations when indoor toilets were replacing outhouses, we see quite a quantum leap in technological advances for our home comforts. Electric, tankless water heaters now provide endless hot water on demand without the 24/7/365 waste of energy used by the dinosaur tank heaters found in our basements. Tankless heaters only use energy when there is a demand for hot water, a tremendous savings of energy and associated costs.

High-level smart security systems, automated sprinkler systems for your landscape, solar panels, smart appliances and mind-blowing entertainment options are constantly evolving and improving our daily lives. And our bathrooms can now include smart toilets, interactive mirrors to connect home Wi-Fi, bathroom scales that used to just give your weight now connect to a wearable fitness tracker. And, oh, don’t forget mood lighting.

Home technologies have come a long way. Makes you wonder what’s on the horizon. Check out the many options and features of electric, point-of-use, tankless water heaters at

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