Develop an Extended Team of Resources

| by Dave Sweet
Develop an Extended Team of Resources

Building an eco-friendly home means juggling options and educating yourself about materials and practices to make the best decisions. One of the most important things you can do early on is to call on resources that will guide you, save money, and make the process more of a journey than an ordeal.

A land surveyor can be an invaluable partner to review plans and document information the building inspector (another great resource) will need and protect your investment. A surveyor can advise you on siting your home considering topographical conditions and regulatory constraints, then ensure you’ll be able to put your finger on test hole locations, percolation test results, and boundaries not just for your closing but for years to come. One piece of advice I got from my land surveyor was to negotiate for time not just price, so you can have a building permit in hand before closing on the lot.

Check for tax incentives and other help from state and federal programs such as on This can include direct savings as well as lists of reputable, experienced contractors. You may be surprised at the creative programs out there that really make a difference. Some, including from local utilities, will require a HERS (Home Energy Rating Services) score from approved HERS raters. Your state will likely have an online list of raters.

Last, hire the right people. I look for people who listen and genuinely want to understand what I want my family’s home to be. Your extended team should all know what’s important to you, and what each other player is bringing to the discussion. This will make your project go more smoothly and ensure success.

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