Dialogue™ Layered Glass from ODL Offers Privacy in Aesthetic Patterns

Feb. 8, 2018

Each of the six patterns of Dialogue™ Layered Glass from ODL, Inc., a leading building products supplier of decorative and clear door glass and entry treatments, are named for their “conversational” features.

The patterns - Banter, Brainstorm, Chatter, Converse, Repartee and Whisper – feature ceramic frit patterns printed on interior layers of doorglass. The various layers interact with one another to tell an ever-changing story to anyone who stops to look.

As the story unfolds, changes in light and movement reveal new shapes and dancing shadows that engage in a dialogue with the various layers of doorglass. Dialogue™ complements a range of architectural styles and design aesthetics with doorglass patterns offering privacy and translucence. 

The new line brings an interactive element to doorglass unlike anything the industry has seen.

For more information, visit www.odl.com.

Converse Layered Glass Design


Topics: Doors, Windows

Companies: ODL

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