Does lumber get damaged during shipping and storage?

| by Nathaniel Bruce
Does lumber get damaged during shipping and storage?

Mold is a big problem for builders and homeowners, and it can start before the wood is delivered the job site. Basically, mold – which is a type of fungus with thousands of different species – requires moisture to flourish.

Mold can grow on construction materials like wood and drywall, which may already be a problem when the materials show up at the home site. It's common for lumber with black patches of mold on the surface to show up at a job site, and no one thinks twice about it.

A builder or contractors should inspect material shipments like framing packages to ensure mold isn't a problem yet. Despite the headaches, a quality-minded builder should reject the shipment if mold has become a problem. Or the builder can try to clean it on site. Either approach can cost a lot of time and money, though. Lumber and materials can also become wet while waiting to be used on the job, or after framing is erected.

However, there's a way to use protected, coated lumber that repels water and stops mold and wood rot in its tracks. Eco Red Shield™ coated lumber doesn't allow mold to grow on the lumber. Its available in dimensional lumber, roof trusses and engineered floor joists for residential, multi-family and light commercial construction.

While you should take precautions to protect Eco Red Shield lumber on the job site like you would with any other lumber, the coating repels water throughout the life of the home.

There's less – zero, really – risk of mold on the lumber during transportation, storage and building. Once the home is built, it has the benefit of lumber that's topically coated with chemical solids controlling moisture and protecting the wood from mold, termites, wood-rot and optional protection from fire.

Long term, home built our protected lumber will reduce the demand for timber because lumber-built dwellings will last longer and may not require the same amount of maintenance or repair due to mold and termite damage.

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