Does your toilet require more than one flush to clear the bowl?

| by Will Wang
Does your toilet require more than one flush to clear the bowl?

Symptom:I have to flush the toilet more than once to clear the bowl.

An incomplete or very weak flush can be caused by, low water level in the tank, the flapper closing too soon, a clog in the trap, sewer pipe or vent pipe. Build up of calcium and other minerals in the rim feed holes can also cause an incomplete or weak flush. 

Low water in tank - Check the water level first and adjust your float higher to increase water level. 

Flapper closes too soon - Check the length of the chain. Chain slack for most toilets should have ¼ to ½ inch of slack, adjust if needed. 

To determine if you have a clog in the trap way, sewer pipe or vent pipe. 

  • Fill a bucket with one or more gallons of water and quickly pour into the bowl. If the bowl flushes normally then there is no blockage down the trap, sewer pipe or vent pipe that is effecting normal flushing. If it swirls but does not flush or has a weak flush then the clog is in the trap, drain pipe or vent pipe. Try a plunger to clear the toilet first. If this is unsuccessful then use a toilet auger. An Incomplete Flush can also mean a clogged Vent Pipe. The Vent Pipe is located on the roof. It is generally a 2” to 3” ID pipe that rises one foot above the roof line usually above toilet. You can either run a snake down the pipe, or purchase a Blow bag, also known as an expansion nozzle or water pressure bulb. It attaches to the garden hose and will expand 2-3” to seal the pipe before water gushes out the end. Water then blows down vent pipe to clear any obstruction into the sewer line.
  • If it does flush then the problem is located in the toilet. 

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