Eco-friendly ways to heat and cool your home

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Eco-friendly ways to heat and cool your home

There are so many easy ways to make your home energy efficient and eco friendly. Here's just a few to help you get through the extreme weather months.

Insulation - proper insulation will help you prevent loss of heat or cool air from your home. It is well worth the investment when your power bills come in.

Double-glazed windows have a pocket of air between them that cushions the temperature between the inside and outside. Having some white backed curtains will help reflect the hot sun better and deflect any heat from your home.

Ventilation - maintaining air flow is important when it comes to stopping air from sitting in your roof or poorly ventilated rooms. Keep internal doors open, install ceiling fans.

Eat fresh - avoid using your oven during hotter periods. There's some great, healthy and fresh recipes for the cooler months. If you must heat something, leave it until the evening.

Create shade - plant large shrubs or trees outside your windows and put awnings on all south facing windows. Keeping your home from direct sunlight will mean you use cooling and heating systems less, saving money and energy.

Reduce the humidity - water carries heat very well, so dry your towels and clothes outside instead of using the clothes dryer.

Lighting - incandescent bulbs produce lots of heat, so if you replace them with LED's, there's no heat produced. LED's now have special coatings that help the light look warm and natural without producing actual heat.

Leaks - patch up any ventilation leaks in your home and keep cool or warm air where you need it. Get space fillers and patchers that can effectively seal your home.

Passive Cooling - investigate passive cooling systems that natural heat and cool your home. These include earth tubes, solar chimneys and reflective roofs. Looking into solar heating is also an excellent option for saving on power bills and your home's temperature.

If you need advice on eco-friendly cooling and heating techniques, get in touch with Greenheat today.

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