Elevate Your Entryway with Style and Privacy

| by Keith Juhola
Elevate Your Entryway with Style and Privacy

Generally speaking, the front door takes up a small area of an exterior. However, it has a much greater impact on your home’s design and functionality, as it is one of the first design elements people notice about the home. This makes privacy and customization top priorities for many homeowners. One way that homeowners can easily have both aspects in a door is through ODL’s Perspectives line of textured door glass

Perspectives melds different textures, colors, patterns, terrain, object and cultural influences together for a diverse collection of door glass choices. Each Perspectives option offers a perfect balance of visibility, letting in the right amount of light without sacrificing privacy and safety. The nine styles that currently make up the Perspectives line are:

  • Textures, colors, patterns, terrain, objects, and cultural influences from around the world influenced the Perspectives line from ODL. 

    Blanca – has a frosted and slightly stippled surface.
  • Cumulus - resembles the soft wisps of clouds.
  • Geo-Tex – features a strong symmetrical appearance reminiscent of Native American pottery.
  • Mosaic - angular, subtle pattern inspired by cobblestone streets.
  • Streamed - pronounced vertical pattern creates the illusion of flowing water.
  • Vapor - soft waves and ripples create a play of light and shadow, reminiscent of the Northern Lights.
  • Linen - silkscreened woven pattern inspired by soft linen fabric.
  • Micro-Granite - blends texture and pattern to imitate small textured polished pebbles.
  • Rain - vertical pattern creates the illusion of rain trickling down a window.

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Keith Juhola
Keith Juhola is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ODL Inc., a Zeeland, Michigan-based manufacturer of door glass, tubular skylights, door blinds, retractable screens and other entryway products. He oversees sales, marketing and customer service for its USA distribution business. A salesperson and sales manager for more than 25 years, Juhola has worked for both distributors and manufacturers in the high tech and building materials. www

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