Eliminate laundry odors

| by Howard Esbin
Eliminate laundry odors

Ever wonder how to fix “stinky” smelling towels or those horrible sweaty gym clothes?

Here is a quick, cheap fix so solve your problem.

First of all if you have a front-loading machine make sure after using the machine that you leave the door cracked open and the detergent dispenser open. This is important because most front-loading machines have a tendency to not drain all of the water.  Top loading machines are a bit easier however if the machine is not used routinely I would air it out by using a clothespin to prop up the lid.

Now for the good stuff.  For top loading machines dump your towels an/or gym clothes into the machine then sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda over them. Set the wash cycle for Normal/Hot with an extra rinse cycle. DO NOT ADD soap and fabric softener.  Remove items when the rinse cycle is complete and dry as you would normally.

For front loading machines add ½ cup baking soda to the soap dispenser. Run a Normal/Hot wash cycle with an extra rinse cycle. DO NOT ADD soap or fabric softener. Make sure to dry the items promptly and thoroughly.

To prevent this issue with bath towels allow them to fully air dry after using them (don’t let the kids throw damp/wet towels into the laundry hamper). Don’t over use laundry soaps and don’t use a fabric softener as they build up in the fabric of the towels. 

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