ENERGY STAR for Homes v2

| by Ken Summers
ENERGY STAR for Homes v2

“We’re correcting a long-standing mistake,” said Chandler von Schrader, the national program manager for the EPA’s new ESVI program. “In the past, our ENERGY STAR program has focused almost exclusively on products alone, but installation – including duct sealing – is just as important to energy efficiency.”

That’s how the conversation began when we first spoke to Chandler about the EPA’s new program called ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation or ESVI. As he explained it, ESVI is designed to place new emphasis on the importance of taking a whole-HVAC-system approach for maximizing home energy efficiency.

“Now homeowners will have more than simply a unit price on which to base their purchasing decision,” said von Schrader. “To receive ENERGY STAR certification, they will now need to show that their new air conditioner or furnace is not only ENERGY STAR compliant, but that it is also properly installed and that the entire system is running efficiently.”

In the past, a homeowner could buy an ENERGY STAR-rated air conditioner or furnace thinking he or she will automatically receive energy savings and high efficiency. But unless that system is installed properly and the duct system is running effectively, the new unit will never provide the expected results. The new program takes into account this more accurate whole-system approach to energy efficiency.

With ESVI, homeowners looking for ENERGY STAR certification may begin by locating a participating HVAC contractor. The contractor, working with a local utility company, ACCA or other EPA-recognized third-party verification organizations, will install or upgrade the HVAC system using best installation practices as outlined by the ESVI program. When the job is completed, the contractor will submit his work for testing and verification. Once the quality of the work is confirmed, the homeowner will receive ENERGY STAR certification for the new system.

Now, through the ESVI program, homeowners can rest comfortably knowing their new system is delivering the comfort and energy efficiency it was built to provide. To find a participating HVAC contractor in your area, visit

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