Five must-haves for your bathroom remodel

| by Jens Bolleyer
Five must-haves for your bathroom remodel

While bathrooms don’t require facelifts as often as some Hollywood celebs, chances are if you have not changed anything in your bathrooms except the towels in the past 20 years, you should consider a fresh look. Here are a few ideas for a bathroom remodel:

  1. Install a tankless point-of-use water heater.These easily installed electric heaters fit nicely under the vanity sink, giving your family endless hot water. These are a must for bathrooms a long distance from the tank heater. Hot water line lose substantial heat through cold basements or crawl spaces. The tankless heater under the sink heats the water as you need it. For more information on tankless water heaters, visit the EcoSmart website.
  2. Gut the pink tiles.Home décor changes as often as clothing trends. Remove all the old, faded floor and shower tiles and check out the latest trends for tile size and color. You will be amazed.
  3. Pick matching colors. Paint the ceiling and non-tile walls with coordinated tones complimenting your tile selection. Lighter colors make a small bathroom appears bigger. Whatever you choose as a theme, carry it through from paint, tiles and towels.
  4. Built-in shower shelves.As long as you are gutting your shower, incorporate built-in tile shelves and toss the wire caddy hanging from your shower head. It will look way better and provide more space for everyone’s soap, shampoo and conditioner.
  5. New fixtures.It’s amazing how many fixtures there are in a bathroom. Lighting, mirrors, toilet, vanity, shower head and towel racks are the most popular. Be sure to buy energy-saving water fixtures and lighting which will save you money in the long run.

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