Fix a toilet that leaks when you flush

| by Will Wang
Fix a toilet that leaks when you flush

Leaky toilet? If a leak is occuring when you flush your toilet, the problem is likely that the sponge rubber gasket is not sealing between the flush valve and the bowl. Here are some things to check:

  1. Leaking may be caused by a tank that is not tightened enough. The tank should rest on the ridge of the bowl for stability. The sponge rubber gasket seals the tank to the bowl.
  2. If you have already tightened the tank down to the bowl STOP! DO NOT TIGHTEN THE BOLTS ANY MORE. Check the fit of the gasket on the flush valve and on the bowl. Pull the lip of the sponge rubber gasket over the locknut.
  3. The sponge rubber gasket may not be a compatible type for your toilet. Compare this sponge rubber gasket in relative shape and size to the sponge rubber gasket you took out. If they are similar (or the same) proceed further. If not, you may need to purchase the correct sponge rubber gasket to finish the job.

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