Flat roof on a weeHouse

| by Austin Young
Flat roof on a weeHouse

While it may appear flat, the hipped roof of the weeHouse contains a 1/4” per foot slope. It is a cold roof, (ventilated underside) covered in EPDM (rubber which provides very good resistance to weather). Many weeHouses have been built in areas susceptible to high snow loads, however, in areas where the snow load is of crucial concern a pitched roof may be advised. This can be built either in modular format and simply create less interior space or may be shipped as a separate entity to be installed on top of the lower unit.

A good example of this second option is the pitched roof on the Montessori Training Center of Minnesota Project. Due to the requested height of the structure, this project was shipped in two separate parts. In general, however, a flat roof is suitable for winter locations. As designers in Minnesota, we definitely understand the worry of insulating and supporting harsh winter snows and we design each weeHouse custom to each of our projects’ locations.

Topics: Prefabricated Homes / Systems Built Homes / Modular Homes

Austin Young
As a student at the University of Minnesota, Austin has had the opportunity to get to know some of the Alchemy designers before interning at the firm. His past work includes a Research Assistantship detailing the impact of the physical environment on individuals with OCD. He is also the Co-Director of the University of Minnesota’s Freedom By Design Chapter. www

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