From lot to living, the importance of planning

| by Dave Sweet
From lot to living, the importance of planning

When we first looked at our building lot, and later when we walked the property with a surveyor, we were already thinking about how to position the home on the land. Building from the ground up is a real challenge to think long term about how you’ll use the home throughout the year.

Since we’re building an eco-friendly home we wanted to think about how the sun traverses the lot, rising in the east and setting in the west.  We oriented the home to maximize the use of solar panels while thinking about the design. We knew we’ll want to shield the windows from the heat of the summer sun, then let in the low winter sun.

We’ve talked about the importance of asking good questions when talking to experts, but we’ve also been very lucky to deal with architects who listen to us. When we sat down with Point One Architects to review elevations and how the home would be oriented they had already considered how to integrate a large bank of photovoltaic solar panels to meet our desires without having the panels dominate the home.

Thanks to Point One we settled on a layout that works for us, with the master down and French doors right from our bedroom onto a patio. We also consulted with the Connecticut Green Building Council on how to save on some of the features we were considering.

Coordinating everyone’s efforts has been really important throughout our journey. For instance, letting the plumbing contractor know where the architects placed the solar panels meant we didn’t have to worry about a plumbing vent needing to be rerouted as a workaround. That’s just one example of how important it is for all the people involved to understand the whole picture.

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