Geothermal systems heat pools, too

| by Marina Dippel

Homeowners in Orono, Minnesota, were searching for a way to heat the pool at their new lakeside home that wouldn't break the bank. Of course, energy efficiency, reliability and abundant heating and cooling were goals of the project as well.

The 4,500-square-foot home on the shore of Lake Minnetonka includes a pool at the rear of the home, just steps from the family room. The pool will be a centerpiece of the active family's outdoor lifestyle. But the swimming season for an unheated pool in Minnesota is brief.

Working with the builder and HVAC contractor, the homeowners opted for a Bosch geothermal system that provides heating for the pool as well as heating and cooling for the whole house.

The system includes four Bosch geothermal units with a total capacity of 16 tons capacity.

Two of the units are used for heating and cooling for the upper level of the home and a bonus room over the garage. There are also hot water coils for backup heat. 

Heating for the pool comes from a six-ton water-to-water unit that also supplies heated water for in-floor radiant heat.

The pool gets supplemental heating from a flat plate heat exchanger. There's also a gas boiler for back up heat, which is required by the local utility.

Another unit supplies heating and cooling for the main floor via multiple zones of forced air heating. The system uses 16 vertical wells that were drilled to 215 feet deep.

In addition to hot water for uses like a pool heating, geothermal systems can also provide supplemental hot water for domestic use like bathing and washing.

Also, qualifying geothermal heat pump systems are eligible for U.S. federal tax credits up to 30% of the investment in the system, including installation costs. Currently the credit expires Dec. 31, 2016, and the systems must be installed by then. So if you're considering geothermal for your home, now is the time to get started.

With a geothermal system heating their pool, these homeowners were able to save money and will enjoy their pool a lot more.

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