Give Your Current Tank Water Heater a Low-Cost Boost

| by Jens Bolleyer
Give Your Current Tank Water Heater a Low-Cost Boost

When a hot water faucet is turned on we expect endless hot water, especially in the shower.  But we have all experienced the not-so-hot shower caused by other demands for hot water in the home. EcoSmart has introduced SmartBoost, a small, but powerful booster designed to work with tank water heaters.

The small, compact SmartBoost is easily installed on new or existing tank heaters with no additional electrical infrastructure when used with an existing electric water heater.  It is designed to work with a tank to provide more hot water.  SmartBoost will increase the efficiency and performance of your existing gas or electric tank up to 45%, giving it the power of a much larger tank. This hot water enhancement is ETL certified for USA and Canada.

Check it out on EcoSmart's website.

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Jens Bolleyer

Jens Bolleyer is Vice President of Marketing and Retail Sales at EcoSmart Green Energy Products Inc. Throughout his career, he has been involved in products and services that are aimed at energy or water efficiency. At GE, Jens focused on the Smart Home initiative, developing home automation products, enabling remote control of lighting, and appliances, including heating and cooling to optimize and minimize energy consumption. In his roles at Kohler Company and Elkay manufacturing, he got involved with the promotion of WaterSense® products for the residential and commercial building and remodeling markets. Now at EcoSmart, Jens helps homeowners find ways to save energy, save water and save space with electric tankless water heating products.

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