Green design in the garden state

| by Sean Canning
Green design in the garden state

As an architect from the NY area — now designing green buildings in a very sustainable-progressive Southern California.

Looking back to the east coast, there are three key components to green design in that climate:

  1. Reduce energy usage. Utilize an highly insulated building envelope to reduce temperature transfer between on the inside and outside. Make sure that envelope is tight to keep the conditioned air (warm air in the winter plus cool air in the summer) in your home. Then make sure your mechanicals are up to par. This is critical in areas with a large seasonal temperature change.
  2. Reduce your water usage. Install efficient fixtures when possible and retrofit existing ones with aerators.
  3. Consider orientation. Daylight spaces whenever possible with north-facing glazing. Reduce solar radiation heat gain in areas of direct sunlight by reducing glazing during design or installing blinds, curtains, or even better — solar protection on the exterior.

Topics: Water Filtration & Water Quality

Sean Canning
Sean is a California Registered Architect and LEED Accredited Professional. He owns 10|70architecture and specializes in process-based modern and contemporary architecture. He has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a Certificate in Project Management from San Diego State University. He has multiple certifications from the Building Performance Institute and was named the 2011 chair of the USGBC Emerging Professionals Committee.

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