Have Water, Will Travel

| by Jens Bolleyer
Have Water, Will Travel

The 1960’s television character Wire Paladin of Have Gun, Will Travel road the Wild West on a horse, often finding himself in hot water wherever he went.  Today’s trekkers see the country’s beautiful landscape in plush RVs equipped with all the comforts of a 21st century home.

While you may be making plans for a summer gallop in your RV, do you remember whether your water supply included hot water?  Some RVs do not have hot water.  Others may have a not-so-hot water heater.  Now is the time to check it out.

The average RV hot water heater heats six gallon of water.  That is six quarts of water for each member of a family of four to shower with.  Think about that next time you are all shampooed up.  A great option is to install a tankless water heater.  

Gas or electric tankless water heaters save space and deliver endless hot water on demand. With some models no bigger than an average suitcase, these units can be installed against walls or within interior compartments of your RV. As long as tankless heaters are hooked up to water and power supplies, they can deliver constant and continuous warmth regardless of how many people need to take a shower.

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