Home Standby Generator Selection Made Easy

| by Mike Gersmeyer
Home Standby Generator Selection Made Easy

Homeowners can finally follow a simple path when searching for the right-sized and best standby generator system for their homes. 

Those who have endured prolonged power outages without reliable backup power solutions definitely know they don’t want to go through that stressful situation again. But recent consumer research conducted by GE Generator Systems’ exclusive licensee partner, Briggs & Stratton, found that understanding the standby generator product category is too confusing for homeowners. Oftentimes, finding the right information and guidance required to purchase the best standby generator system for their home’s specific power needs was too difficult to find and too tedious to understand.

That consumer research led Briggs & Stratton down a path to a new website that answers every question a homeowner may have when trying to purchase a standby home generator — from the very basic to the most in-depth.

Understanding How to Select the Best Standby Generators

At www.powernow.com, homeowners can now easily learn even the basics including what a standby generator does, to understanding the entire installation process. The site is designed for homeowners to follow a step-by-step process that ultimately leads them to find their home’s right-sized standby generator system.

The path to purchase tool is a six-step process that is outlined like this:

Step 1: Why Standby Generators?
This step covers the basics of automatic standby generator systems and their financial benefits.

Step 2: How Does a Standby Generator Work?
Homeowners can learn how a standby generator keeps a home’s lights and appliances powered, including emerging power management systems that allow homeowners to power home items with smaller generators.

Step 3: Why Choose Briggs & Stratton for Home Standby Generators?
From its power management innovation, to its industry-leading warranties, to unmatched dealer network, learn how Briggs & Stratton can benefit families needing a backup power solution.

Step 4: What is the Best Sized Generator System for My Home?
A generator-sizing calculator helps determine which size generator will cover a home’s backup power needs.

Step 5: The Installation and Purchase Process
A purchase checklist and finance options are listed out in order to help ensure homeowners are properly prepared before home standby generator installation begins.

Visit www.powernow.com and see for yourself.

Companies: GE Generator Systems

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