How 2015 Reveals Sustainable Products Are a Must-Have for Future Builders

| by Katrina Nelson
How 2015 Reveals Sustainable Products Are a Must-Have for Future Builders

Admittedly, 2015 wasn’t too shabby. In fact, it was quite the opposite — 2015 saw an enormous boost of structure, at least where sustainable building is concerned. With demands from aware homeowners as loud as ever, the pressure to push buildings into maximizing their energy-efficient potential headed impressive developments in the industry.

While many companies scrambled to enter the movement, ACT, Inc.’s lifelong dedication to the environment looks forward to carrying exciting new residential and commercial projects into 2016.

The upcoming year looks so overall promising because, well...

Residentially: 2015 allowed their National Builders Program to meet individual agreements with TriPointe and Meritage Homes to put their water and energy saving systems in thousands of homes across the country. It’s worth noting that Meritage is involved in a 2016 California energy-use evaluation project of building 20 zero net energy houses, ACT products included.

Commercially: 2015 saw the reinvention of D’MAND Kontrols® Systems involvement with SoCal Gas Company’s ODE program, likewise projecting savings into a new dimension of environmental impact.  
Aware of the significant contribution their electronic on-demand water distribution systems has brought (and will bring!) to the statistics, the company beams at the progressive “green” data wracking in.

The above graph reveals the positive reaction of the construction industry’s wallet to the demand for responsible living, outpacing all other sectors of construction growth in 2015 (according to the USGBC’s study). When considering the 2.3 million Americans employed by the green building market in 2015, it’s apparent that the modern buyer’s influence is pushing down prices of smart homes and creating overall more awareness.

ACT, Inc. applauds the recent national achievements:

“The 2015 Green Building Economic Impact Study shows that the green building industry contributes more than $134 million in labor income in the U.S.”

But refuses to accept less than significant leaps into the future:

“The same report reveals that the number of jobs generated in green construction will exceed 3.3 million over the next three years—representing more than one-third of the entire U.S. construction sector.”

With the growing group clarity of investors, appraisers, designers, and homeowners, there’s an expectation that half of the major homebuilders will be doing at least 60% of their new homes green. Lifting our scope to 5 years ahead, we get a 2020 vision of a solid, energy-efficient standard for building.

Overall advice? What’s good for the planet is good for builders… and having been in business since 1992, ACT, Inc. is on top of the list.

100% made in America, 100% made for Earth – call 800-200-1965 or visit to join the movement with your new or existing home’s potential for greatness greenness.

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Katrina Nelson
Katrina Nelson is the Executive Promo Editor of ACT, Inc. D’MAND Kontrols® Systems. While earning her BA degree in Literature at University of California in Santa Cruz, Nelson practiced the university's world renowned environmental values through her involvement in various ecological and sustainability programs and initiatives, encouraging a future career where she could fuse sustainability’s demand to writing’s reach. After 4 years of education being supervised by leading faculty from UCSC's departments of Environmental Studies, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Electrical Engineering and the Writing Program, Nelson presently studies advanced conservation technology and its future impacts under the guidance CEO Larry Acker.

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