How can I stop a leak from a toilet tank bolt?

| by Will Wang
How can I stop a leak from a toilet tank bolt?

Have you noticed a leak around the bolts that protrude underneath the toilet tank? Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your toilet isn't leaking water.

Reset the bolt by flipping the rubber washer on the inside of the tank. Remove all metal washers in the tank -- metal washers inside the tank can cause leaking. Use the nut and washer under the tank to seal the tank first then prop up the tank on the sink. Fluidmaster instructs on setting the bowl as follows:

  1. Place a rubber washer onto each of the tank bolts and push each tank bolt through the bottom holes of tank.
  2. For reinforced connection: Under the tank place metal washers onto bolt threads extending down from under the tank and hand tighten the thin hex nuts to toilet tank. *Caution: The thin metal hex nut should not touch the toilet bowl porcelain, if thin hex nuts touch porcelain bowl, stop and remove nuts and washers.
  3. Next, set tank onto bowl and place rubber washers, metal washers bigger hex nuts onto each bolt under toilet bowl. Using tool, tighten hex nuts evenly until tank is snug and does not rock. *Caution:Some toilets cannot use the hex nut and metal washer under the tank because the space is too narrow. If the hex nut rests on the porcelain it can crack the bowl. Use your best judgment when using these parts.
  4. Tighten hex nuts (below the bowl) until the tank does not rock or sits on the ridge of the bowl.
  5. Align both tank and bowl bolt holes and eye the tank and bowl to see if they are square.  This allows the head of the bolt to sit flat in the tank.  If you see the tank is twisted to one side or the tank is leaning forward re-align and tightening down the nuts again.

HELPFUL HINT: Some bowls will not have a ridge to either side of the mating flush valve hole but instead uses rubber washers or inserts to support the tank. Tighten down the tank until the rubber washers or inserts are compressed. In the event there is no ridge or rubber supports you may not be able to use the hex nut and metal washer under the tank.  

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