How home automation technology can help small businesses

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How home automation technology can help small businesses

Home automation technology is primarily marketed, unsurprisingly, toward homeowners.  Products from Wi-Fi enabled outlets to “smart” refrigerators allow homeowners to control their appliances – and reduce their energy bills – right from the screen of their smartphones.

What many people don’t realize, though, is that home automation technology can be equally beneficial for small business owners. Like homeowners, people who own and operate small businesses are always looking for ways to boost productivity, save time, and cut costs. Home automation technology is a perfect way to do that.

Below, we’ve put together a list of 5 home automation technologies that small business owners can use to help them get more done – and maybe even spend less money doing it.

1. Smart thermostats
Smart thermostats give you the capability to control and set your office thermostat through an app on your mobile device. Google’s Nest thermostat utilizes surveys, usage history, and sensors to learn the habits of your office and establish a heating and cooling pattern that can ultimately save you money. Auto-scheduling allows the thermostat to react quickly to changes in your office schedule. During peak heating and cooling seasons, you can save up to 20% on energy costs, making the initial investment well worth it.

2. Smart deadbolts
You may have particular rooms in your office that should remain locked at all times. A Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt makes it easy for you to lock or unlock doors with nothing more than a Bluetooth connection, which for this purpose is more secure than traditional wireless connection. If you install a Kevo smart lock, you don’t need keys to enter a locked room, and you don’t need to worry about unauthorized access to important files or materials. Only a person with an authorized smartphone or key fob can unlock the door.

3. Automated lights
Even small businesses use up a lot of energy. With energy costs on the rise, that means high bills that can be taxing to small-business budgets. Save on energy and cut costs with a device like the Belkin WeMo. The smart outlets and light switches include transmitters that connect with wireless networks, allowing business owners to control lights and appliances from their smartphones. Turn your office lights off after the last employee leaves, or set them to automatically dim at sunset.

4. Smart light bulbs
Smart light bulbs go even further than automated lights by combining energy efficiency with targeted smart lighting. LG recently unveiled “smart” LED light bulbs that connect to computer chips operated through a wireless connection. The lights regulate brightness settings to conserve energy. They record the number of watts that are expended during a specified period, and are 80% more efficient than incandescent lights. The bulbs also last approximately ten years, making them highly cost-effective.

5. Security automation
Nothing is more important than the security of your business, and automated security systems provide added peace of mind. Automated security is very advanced and extremely convenient. Many systems allow you to control cameras inside or outside of the office remotely,  as you have an Internet connection. Systems like the ADT Pulse also have interactive features like real-time video, text alerts, and remote arming and disarming.

Home automation isn’t just for homes anymore. It’s a great way for small business owners to save time, cut costs, and be better informed about their companies. Would you consider using home automation technology for your small business? 

Abby Perkins is Editor in Chief atTalent TribuneandSoftware Providers, where she writes about jobs, workplace culture, and business technology. 

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