How make a home green and suitable for aging in place

| by Erik Anderson
How make a home green and suitable for aging in place

An easy retrofit that will make the home safer, add convenience, save energy and addresses aging in place is to add an in-wall occupancy sensor to some of the lights in your home.

An occupancy sensor will automatically turn the light on when it senses someone entering the space and then automatically turn the light off after a pre-determined amount of time (1 – 30 minutes) when the sensor detects there is no longer anyone in the space.

Think about the following examples:

  • Add an occupancy sensor to the lights in a bathroom/powder room that may need to be visited in the middle of the night. When the person, who may be a bit oriented, the lights automatically turn on to a low level and light a safe pathway inside the space.
  • If added into a laundry area where your arms may be full carrying a clothing basket it once again lights a safe pathway into the space when reaching a light switch may be difficult.
  • By turning of the lights on and off only when needed you also save a considerable amount of energy.

These are just a couple examples of the many locations you can add sensors to the lights in your home to make it safer and more convenient while saving energy.

Topics: Lighting, Remodeling

Companies: Lutron

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