How mobile generator monitoring is empowering homeowners

| by Mike Gersmeyer
How mobile generator monitoring is empowering homeowners

Standby generator manufacturers are constantly designing more technologically advanced backup power systems. These advancements offer a smarter, more valuable product for homeowners — and a more attractive add-on for builders.

A recent technological advancement is bringing backup power into the mobile age: remote generator monitoring designed to empower homeowners, and provide a better user experience even when the standby generator isn’t in use.

Remote wireless generator monitoring offers homeowners unprecedented peace of mind. This new feature allows homeowners to monitor their home standby generator while traveling for work or on vacation.

Whole House Generator Monitoring with Infohub™

Monitoring systems, like Infohub™ from Briggs & Stratton (compatible with most Briggs & Stratton and GE Generators), allows homeowners to use any web-enabled device — including Android and iOS mobile devices — to check if their home generator system is ready to restore electricity when a power outage occurs. From the Infohub website or mobile app, customers can verify that their generator is ready. 

Homeowners can receive text and email alerts when their standby generator needs repair or maintenance so it’s always ready for operation when utility power goes down. The Infohub mobile app is a convenient way for on-the-go homeowners to check their generator’s status if they are away from their computer.

Infohub operates on a smart, secure, cellular-based system that provides broad coverage, easy setup, and a reliable connection. The whole house generator information is then relayed to a secure server. From the server, the generator information is sent to the homeowner’s computer or mobile device. With generator information at their fingertips, homeowners can:

  • Monitor their standby generator’s current status and track its use to remain aware of any maintenance needs before a home’s next power outage
  • Customize their notification settings to receive either email, text message or mobile app alerts about the generator’s performance. These alerts can be used to send directly to the servicing dealer as well.
  • Feel at ease because their trusted dealer can efficiently provide maintenance and repair services

For more information, check out the latest mobile generator monitoring technology available on the market today.

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