How to Flash Windows to Avoid Leaks

How to Flash Windows to Avoid Leaks

For builders looking for a way to keep water from entering a home, flexible flashing tape can seal problem areas like windows.

The ZIP System stretch tape is a one-piece installation flashing tape made of a high performance composite acrylic that easily stretches to fit sills, curves and corners, making installation easier and providing a better way of sealing mismatched surfaces.

The tape stretches in any direction, allowing builders to lock out moisture without piecing tape segments together. The product’s acrylic adhesion allows it to be pulled up and repositioned without sacrificing moisture and air penetration

Builders find it easy to use the ZIP System stretch tape for time-consuming tasks such as sealing irregularly shaped windows. ZIP System stretch tape provides a strong bond for an effective seal, preventing air and moisture from penetrating a home.

Air penetration can affect the comfort level inside a finished home. ZIP System stretch tape prevents air from getting inside, enhancing energy efficiency for the homeowner.

Builders say one of the most important benefits of ZIP System stretch tape is it stretches in all directions, and it sticks. That makes it easier and faster to flash windows properly to avoid leaks and call backs in the future.

Here's a video showing the easy steps to flash a window with ZIP System tape.

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