How to maintain a green garden free of chemicals

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How to maintain a green garden free of chemicals

All kinds of insects and bugs are a common feature in most gardens. Over the years, the market has been full of sprays, insecticides, pesticides and other products to keep away these annoying pests from the garden. While these pesticides and other products are beneficial to keep away pests, they can be harmful for the plants, flowers or herbs in your lawn.

Maintaining a chemical free organic garden requires a lot of attention and effort. However, once you understand the benefits of having a chemical free garden, it can become an enjoyable activity. Here are some things that you can do to keep your garden healthy, green and free of chemicals.

1. Manage mildew without chemical sprays –mildew is a common occurrence in gardens and yards. If you find any on plants, then don’t go out to the market to purchase chemical sprays to get rid of it. Instead, make a solution of baking soda, liquid soap and water. Regularly spray the solution on to the plants and notice the mildew vanish. The baking soda will be gentle on your plants and the toxic free method will keep plants healthy.

2. Use coffee to repel insects, mammals and bugs – cats, insects, bugs and pests, all hate coffee. Mostly, it’s the strong smell of coffee that these little devils can’t stand. Therefore, coffee turns out to be one of the best environmental friendly pest repellents to keep your garden green. Many coffee houses and cafes discard the used coffee grounds; ask around and you’ll be able to get tons of it at an affordable rate from coffee houses. Spread the grounded coffee on the soil and see the magic happen. There will be no pests, insects, and animals till far sight. Strong perfumes, soap bars, etc. are also great natural animal and pest repellents.

3. Environmental free insect repellent sprays – while there are many chemical sprays available in the market, you can also find a wide variety of organic insect repellent sprays. These organic repellents consist of natural ingredients like garlic cloves, baking soda, liquid soap, vinegar, etc. that are safe for both humans, pets and the environment. These environmental friendly ingredients are gentle on plants, flowers and vegetables, and do not have any harmful effects.

4. Plant clover to finish away brown grass– brown grass is a common problem in many yards, especially during hot and dry weather. Instead of opting for chemical based solutions, use natural solutions to bring back the green grass. Brown grass usually occurs as a lack of nutrients in the soil. Plant clover in the garden as it is a great source of moisture for the plants and soil. Adding this plant to the grass will replenish the green grass and ensure your garden stays purely organic and away from pollutants.

With these simple, effective and ecofriendly solutions, you can keep your garden green and free of toxic fertilizers. An increasing number of landscape and garden architects are moving towards using green gardening technique to ensure chemical free plant health care. This allows the garden and its inhabitants to be safe from pollutants and keep the air free of chemicals and harmful ingredients. 

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