Hurricane Preparedness Week - Prepare the right way for hurricanes

| by Mike Gersmeyer
Hurricane Preparedness Week - Prepare the right way for hurricanes

May 25 marks the start of Hurricane Preparedness Week. Sponsored by the National Weather Service, Hurricane Preparedness Week is a seven-day campaign that raises awareness of the potential damage hurricanes can cause.

I encourage you to visit the National Hurricane Center throughout Hurricane Preparedness Week. They will be publishing all sorts of incredibly insightful information that will keep you and your loved ones safe in the event of a hurricane.

Hurricane season officially begins June 1 and runs through Nov. 30. Even though the season begins soon, the good news is most Atlantic hurricanes typically occur later in the summer and fall, still giving families time to properly prepare a plan and ready their homes.

Hurricane Preparedness Plan for Homeowners

Here are a few things you can do now to get your home ready for the hurricane season:

Compile Information

  • Assess your home’s vulnerability to storm surge, flooding and wind.
  • Develop an emergency communications plan with your family, friends and neighbors.
  • Create a contact information list for local law enforcement agencies, hospitals, municipal utility facilities as well as your insurance company.
  • Subscribe to local weather and crime alerts via text or email.

Secure Your Property

  • Install permanent storm shutters.
  • Store pre-cut plywood on your property to board up windows during a storm.
  • Determine how to best reinforce garage doors and securely fasten your roof to the frame of your house to mitigate structural damage.
  • Keep clogged rain gutters clear to help ensure proper drainage.

Install a Home Standby Generator

Home standby generators can help protect your property and family during a hurricane. Automatic home generators are a great way to avoid many of the issues that can arise in the aftermath of an emergency. Installing a home generator can also prevent power outage costs such as spoiled food and extended hotel stays.

Installation doesn’t happen overnight, so start the process now with these simple steps:

  1. Watch the GE video on how a standby generator works
  2. Choose the right product for your home with the GE standby generator sizing calculator
  3. Locate a GE standby dealer in your area

Finally, schedule a dealer to come to your home for an on-site evaluation 

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