ICF Tech Bulletin: Avoiding drywall cracks

| by Troy Gibson
ICF Tech Bulletin: Avoiding drywall cracks

Fox Blocks addresses many of the common inquiries of ICF professionals and put them in easy to use topics. Once again, just another thing we do with all of our experience. Hopefully they can help to educate the ICF community on how to build with ICFs properly.

Avoiding Drywall Joint Cracks

It is very important to fasten drywall properly and to control and monitor the interior humidity and temperature once the Fox Blocks ICF walls are stacked, the concrete is placed, and the building envelope is enclosed.

New construction materials typically contain some amount of moisture. New Fox Blocks ICF walls have fresh concrete that is undergoing the curing process. As the moisture from the concrete wall and new materials vaporize, it increases the humidity levels inside the building’s shell.

Controlling Humidity and Temperature

When the drywall is fastened to the interior walls, it is critical to control and monitor the humidity level and keep the interior at a constant temperature. If the humidity is not controlled under certain conditions, the water vapor exiting the ICF concrete wall could eventually lead to drywall cracking along drywall joints. The drywall joint is a weak link consisting of drywall joint compound and joint tape. Moisture can potentially cause the drywall to swell and crack.

It is recommended to control and monitor the humidity and temperature during construction after the building is enclosed and after occupancy. Moisture will continue to evaporate for up to 12 months after the concrete sets. If the humidity is not controlled it could lead to condensation on windows and moisture related problems with different materials.

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Troy Gibson
Troy Gibson has over 8 years of creative and strategic marketing management experience, ranging from sports marketing to retail marketing. He has been a part of the ICF industry for 6 years and is an USGBC LEED Green Associate. He focuses his efforts on communicating the benefits of a premium building envelope. Troy has a B.S. of Marketing from Northwest Missouri State and has a wife and child to occupy his free time.

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