Ideal products for smaller spaces

| by Joe Holliday
Ideal products for smaller spaces

Regardless of a home's footprint, most homeowners at some time or another could use more room. From storage and shelving to more room for entertaining, the reasons for needing more space are endless. Manufacturers have introduced a number of products that help simplify life, while increasing storage or providing more room.

Wall-Mounted Knife Rack

Knife blocks can take up a lot of counter space real estate. By mounting magnetic strips to the wall to hold your knives, you have more room for platters and dishes when hosting your next dinner party or brunch.

Drop-Down Ironing Board

Who has extra room in their laundry room to store an ironing board and all the necessary accoutrements -- iron, spray bottle, starch, etc.? The stow-away-type, drop-down ironing board offers homeowners room to iron, only when necessary. When not needed, the ironing board and ironing essentials are hidden in a cabinet hung on the wall.

Bed Frame with Built-In Storage

Say goodbye to the standard dresser. Companies, such as IKEA and others, are marrying bed frames and storage. For smaller rooms, this can allow for one less piece of furniture, while giving the room some character.

Wall-Hung Combi Boiler

There's no need to lose closet space to bulky heating and water-heating equipment. Instead, a wall-hung combi boiler can provide domestic hot water and heat and allow a homeowner more room for storage in a previously occupied HVAC closet. Newfound space can house shoes, toys or bulk items—the possibilities are endless.

Convection Toaster Oven

Really tight on space? A convection toaster oven can replace an oven and microwave for those needing to gain living or entertainment space.

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