Insights from a high performance builder

| by Steven Baczek
Insights from a high performance builder

Hello! Welcome to my first blog. My name is Steven Baczek and I am a Registered Architect in the Boston Massachusetts area. I have working on residential projects for over 22 years. I have designed across the spectrum of “Energy Efficient, Comfortable, Healthy, Durable, and Environmentally Responsible” residential design.

I will tell you at times it is not easy, and sometimes having the experience and knowledge to question poses more problems than solutions. In my short career, I’ve come to accept one of two outcomes – I have succeeded, or I have gained some more knowledge. But even in success, a little education was still a part of the process.

In selecting a title for my new blog, I thought long and hard as to what kind of message is available to share. Well, I’m thinking there is probably nothing more valuable to share than the trials and successes of my daily career of developing residential projects, and ALL the decisions that are part of the process. My projects vary in size, scale, budget, and client desire. The one thing that is common is that every project of mine offers something to the “Whole” that is my career.

A builder friend of mine in a friendly conversation about what we do, and the complications along the way, stated to me “Our work is one big learning curve, then we die”. While there is a lot of truth to that, well, the absence of sharing the information gained along life’s learning curve would be a major disservice to those that share the passion of doing what I do. The blog content will be wide and varied, but that is what my days are. It might be sharing a detail developed with a builder, or maybe a concept discussed at a design meeting with a client. As a sole proprietor, I am involved in every aspect of the process, which not only helps me understand the entire process, but more importantly, the interrelationships of all the decisions made throughout the project.

So, welcome to “Thoughts from the Learning Curve”, where I will be sharing those everyday thoughts in the hope that you not only enjoy our discussion – but learn from it too...

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