Is spray foam insulation really that much more effective than traditional insulation?

| by Jennifer Wilson
Is spray foam insulation really that much more effective than traditional insulation?

First, you’ve got to understand that your house is a system with multiple parts working together. If you use single pane windows and spray foam insulation, your home is not going to perform well. You can’t skimp in one area of the system and expect the same performance as someone who didn’t skimp. So it’s important to look at all of the choices you are making in your house and evaluate how they will perform together.

The Home Energy Rating System helps us do that. HERS raters use a software called REM/RATE to calculate the effectiveness of a home’s systems. Multiple variables are put into the software, including windows, doors, insulation, and HVAC size. Then the software can evaluate the home. This helps homeowner understand the impact of their choices.

Rhino Linings used REM/RATE to calculate the heating and cooling costs of a basic or traditionally constructed home with fiberglass insulation and basic windows and doors and compared it to a home that just uses spray foam insulations like DuraTite™ or BioBased Insulation® by Rhino Linings and one that uses spray foam insulations well as upgraded windows and doors to create a sealed thermal envelope and further reduce air infiltration and exfiltration.

The comparisons were calculated in two different climate zones, to help give a more rounded performance comparison. In both climate zones, the home that upgraded the insulation to spray foam only and home with spray foam as well as upgraded windows and doors realized a significant savings over the base home.

Download thecase studyand view the results for yourself. But they clearly show if you use spray foam insulation and other responsible building materials, you will realize a savings each month on your utility bills when compared with traditionally insulated and constructed structures.

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