Keep your home pest free in the spring season

Sept. 10, 2014
Keep your home pest free in the spring season

Springtime is fun time! There is much to look forward to the onset of this season. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing. Fill your lungs with the sweet smell of fresh air. Don’t forget to hear the sweet sound of the season’s first magpie. However, like the coin as two sides, the beauty of the spring season is marred with pests. As several insects take shelter in their burrows in the winter time, spring season comes as a welcome change for them. But for us it brings an irritable reality. This is the time when house owners realize that their house might be endangered by pests and they need to call the pest control services.

Springtime Pests

As the temperatures rise, the ants would be the first species that would emerge from their hiding, to bask in the sun and obtain their food. There are sugar ants, black ants, carpenter ants, winged ants and little black ants which would commonly be seen in houses and their surrounding area. These ants swarm in the kitchen in search of food.  The carpenter ants are capable of causing damage to furniture and fabrics. Other spring vermin include wasps, bees, spiders, crickets, flies, mites and beetles.

The professionals believe that the spring season is the right time to start the pest cleaning process. You can call the expert professionals from pest control Sydney, who would concentrate on the outside areas of your house from where the pests are likely to enter. These pests would try to reproduce and feed from those areas. There are about 14 different species to which you have to fight back with. They include scorpions, spiders, ants, and many others.

Clover mites are yet another nuisance. They would appear to you as just a small red mark to your naked eyes, but they are really annoying. These clover mites consume grass and plants as their food and in springtime, they tend to become voracious eaters. The house owners are left with huge problems as these insects are really tiny and can pass through small cracks or openings. It becomes difficult to control them due to their miniature size. However, there is no proven danger from them as they do not bite or cause any harm to humans or their belongings.

You are known to the termites, aren’t you? They are small insects are capable of eating almost everything ranging from wood to clothing material. People dwelling near the forest areas or plush greenery are more danger prone to them. The two common species include Drywood termites and the subterranean termites. They feed on the cellulose based plants and edibles. Termites can cause severe destruction to your property, including your floors, walls and furniture, if they are not detected and removed on an early basis.

Vermin Removal Approach

  • Cut  weeds and shrubs.
  • Spotless kitchen and pantry.
  • Find the hideouts.
  • Put lids on trash cans.
  • Have tight fitting window screens.

Take a walk around your assets and examine for the nestled insects like wasps and bees. Look in the attics and outhouses. If you discover these vermin then call a  pest control professional, who provides their customers with eco-friendly equipments, to remove insects ranging from ants to pests like rodents.

Ants are very cautious about food items kept in the kitchen and pantry. Sugar ants especially discover food left iin the open, and will find even a few grains of sugar in the kitchen in no time. Therefore, it is advisable to clear out your kitchen floors, cabinets and sinks where you wash your hands.  Keeping your house clean will actually save you from the vermin attack.

Try to find the hideouts of the insects. Start by tapping your wooden house walls, foundations, floors and door frames. You can also use the handle of the screw driver to tap on your walls, if you hear the hollowness then it would incidate termites have been munching on your walls. Do not forget to check the attic, garden plants and wet soil places.

Do not leave the can open after disposal. The smell of the food is enough to bring the vermin running to your trash can, and thereby invading your house. So, make sure you close the trash can lids tightly.

Insects like bugs and ants can enter through your windows. It’s not hard for them to crawl over the walls, as you know. So buy the tight fitting window shutters, to prevent them from falling head start into your house.

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