Knowing “Who” is Important, but Working Together is Key

| by Dave Sweet
Knowing “Who” is Important, but Working Together is Key

Over the past 30 years I’ve built up a regular group of people I like to use for different projects. If someone is reliable, does a great job, and I like working with them, I call on them again and again. It’s really important to work with people who “play well with others”!

There have also been lots of times when I needed something in particular and didn’t really know who to call on. This is where I turn to my regulars and ask for a recommendation. They can almost always point me to someone else in their network. Best of all, I know if I trust them to work for me, it’s pretty likely they’re not the type to give me the name of somebody they wouldn’t want to work with themselves!

If you don’t have that kind of personal network, I’ve heard of online resources like and Craigslist being used to find people. I’m pretty old school, so I haven’t used such things, but they might work for you!

At AHR 2017 I spent some time in the Taco Comfort Solutions booth, and had an interesting chat with Dan Foley, the owner of Foley Electrical in the Washington, DC area. He and I talked about working closely with other professionals, and especially how he likes to work with architects. Dan shares my opinion that if more people understood at least the basics of HVAC systems homes would be more comfortable, cost less, and take less time to build.

Dan also told me about times HVAC systems didn’t work as they should have because people think of heating as just that. They failed to consider humidification, dehumidification, filtration, solar gain, and all the rest of the puzzle. We talked about how much better it is when one control system integrates heat and AC, and how important it is to work with an architect who takes everything into consideration, right down to leaving enough room in a mechanical area for technicians to repair, adjust, or service systems.

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