Knowledge and coordination make building easier

| by Dave Sweet
Knowledge and coordination make building easier

I'd like to share a variance on the old “knowledge is power” saying, and that's simply that knowledge is a timesaver. For instance, as I said in an earlier blog, your building inspector is a resource and being familiar with your building codes will make your meetings (with the inspectors and others) more productive and informative.

It follows that if you invest time in understanding the building codes you'll be able to hone in quickly on workable ways to achieve the results you want.

Whether you'll work with a general contractor or take on that role, keeping everything moving without delays or gaps will be challenging. I welcome your tips on how you stay on top of everything when building a home.

For me, the key is keeping a level head. That's a lot easier if every key player understands your overall project and how their part affects the others. Right from the start be sure all the contractors they know the entire scope, then stay in regular contact. Anticipate what could possibly go wrong, and know what you'll do if it does!

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